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Commercial Insurance

When it comes to insuring your business, look no further than Brad Burns Insurance.  Business owners in Tallahassee have come to rely on the expertise of Brad Burns Insurance in determining the various types of coverages needed.  Brad Burns Insurance specializes in all types of Commerical Insurance.  Whether it's Property, Liability, Business Interruption, or Workers Compensation, you can be assured that the business you've worked so hard to build will be properly insured.


Property Insurance

Business property is an important asset, and vital to your business.  Natural Disasters and events such as fire, could wipe all this out in one day.  Take the necessary precautions with Commerical Property Insurance from Brad Burns Insurance.


A critical component of a Commercial policy is Business Income protection.  If a disaster does strike, there is a re-building phase which could take weeks or months.  Business Income Protection would cover your needs in this circumstance.


Let Brad Burns Insurance review your policy to make sure you are properly protecting your assets.

Commercial Auto

Many businesses rely upon some form of vehicle to perform important aspects of their trade.  Commercial use of a vehicle opens up vulnerabilities in your business which need to be addressed specfically by a Commercial Auto Policy.  


When a vehicle is involved, there is always a chance that an accident can happen.  There is always a strong case for businesses to carry additional coverage in order to protect business assets in the event of an accident. 


Call us today for a thorough review of your coverages.

Liability Insurance

In order to safeguard your business assets, insurance is an essential part of doing business today.  Commercial Liability insurance provides protection for your business when you are found at fault for causing Property Damage or Bodily Injury to someone else. 


Each type of business has specific instances of potential damage, and claims against your business can have a large financial impact as they can run into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


You can depend on an expert like Brad Burns Insurance to protect your business assets in Tallahassee.

Workers Compensation
A satisfied customer is the backbone to the success of any business.  Equally important to your business are the employee's you hire.  Unfortunately, accidents happen on the job.  That's why you can feel confident that the experts at Brad Burns Insurance are well versed in all the nuances of Workers Compensation Insurance.  We will review your coverages and make specific recommendations to help identify any potential problems.    
From traditional Workers Compensation plans to Pay as you Go plans, Brad Burns Insurance does it all.  Brad Burns Insurance will even assist you perform your annual audits. 
Some policies may even qualify for dividends, so reach out to Brad Burns Insurance and make sure you're getting the most out of your coverage.



Commercial Umbrella

Commerical Umbrella policies can be an effective tool to provide additional coverage in protecting your business assets.  To find out more, contact Brad Burns Insurance today for a comprehensive review of your coverages.  

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